Make Up Artist to the STARS and Make Up by HD Brows!

You are an established make up artist, working on well known faces on TV, music and stage. How did you get started?

My first television job was with Dannii Minogue for the X Factor. I had known her for a few years before she started working on the show, and had done a little bit of hair work with her for her album. So thanks to her, my television career started. She is such a creative person, and we had the best fun creating all the X Factor hair and make-up looks. Couldn’t ask for a better start to a career in telly!


How did you meet Nilam?

I met Nilam down at the X Factor studios. I was working with Dannii at the time and Nilam was working with all the contestants working wonders on their brows. This was the year of Cher Lloyds amazing brow-transformation – every one was talking about the difference it made to her face!


Why are good brows so important to you as a make up artist?

A well groomed brow makes the make-up you’re doing on the clients eyes look more refined and polished. Good brows are not only important to us as make-up artists, they are important for everyone – everyone needs great brows in their life!


Your celebrity clients always look flawless. What is your secret to creating a perfect base?

The best advice I can give for getting a perfect base is to use a non-oily moisturiser before applying any make up. If there is too much oil on the skin, the foundation won’t hold well and after a few hours it will look patchy and greasy – a look no one wants!


What are your favourite brow products? 

My favourite brow product is the HD Brows Eye&Brow Pro Palette with all of the brow shades in. Nilam gave me this when it first launched around 3 years ago and I still have it – it’s got my name printed on it and I use it all the time.


What advice can you give to make up artists looking to take that next step to making a name for themselves?

I would just say to just work hard and be professional at all times. This job may look glamorous and fun, but its hard graft and long hours and many, many sleepless nights organising then reorganising your kit in your head to make sure you’ve got everything you need for the following day.


Do you have any exciting work coming up you can share with us?

I am doing a lot of the music festivals next summer with my girls. Festivals are so much fun. The atmosphere is always amazing. I can’t wait to work at Hyde Park with Kylie Minogue. It’s going to be fabulous!


What has been your favorite job to work on so far?

I have had way too many jobs that have been amazing beyond what I could have ever imagined to even pick a favorite. I’ve worked with Minogues, The Spice Girls, Holly Valance to name a few… I’ve worked in every continent, from the most luxurious settings to finding myself doing someone’s make-up in a dirty club toilet cubicle. Every day is different and every day is a challenge. And I LOVE every day!


Finally, what would be your dream shoot?

My dream shoot would be in the UAE somewhere in the desert. It’s my favorite place in the world.