Interview with Rita Ora’s MUA – Emma Osborne

Earlier this week we caught up with the lovely Emma Osborne, and asked her all about working with Rita, the X Factor, dream shoots and High Definition;

“I’ve loved using the High Definition make up range on Rita these past few months, although I’d heard about the range before but I’d only ever tried the brow products until recently and now I’m hooked.  Working on The X Factor means really long days, and although I’m always on hand for touch-ups, it is great to know that High Definition Make Up doesn’t budge.  For me my favorite product would have to be the Fluid Foundation, mainly because it’s long-lasting and creates flawless looking skin.  So far this season on The X Factor I have most enjoyed making up Rita when she went for a natural, smoky look.  Her signature is of course her feline flick eyeliner and killer red lips, but she has such a gorgeous face and suits all kinds of make up looks – plus she lets me be creative which is so refreshing”

60 Seconds with Emma Osborne:

What would be your dream job? Anything fairy-tale with a twist.

Where would be the dram location? I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and would love to go back to South America and work with photographer Tim Walker.

Career highlight so far? Working with Rita of course!!

What has been the best shoot you’ve been a part of?  Being send on a great to shoot to New York which enabled me to work with friends and do some great shopping too