Bio Sculpture Treatment

Bio Sculpture is applied directly over the natural nail, much like a polish and mimics the natural movements and flexibility of your nails, keeping nails perfectly protected with a non-chip colour finish. There is no drying time with Bio Sculpture as it is cured under a Safety Tested UV fluorescent or UV LED lamp. There is minimal buffing to prepare the natural nail and there are no primers, dehydrators or pH balancers needed.

Endless possibilities with Bio Sculpture Gel

Restore Brittle Nails

Bio Sculpture has a range of nail treatments inspired by nature to help manage flaking, peeling and dehydrated damaged nails. When used with Bio Sculpture’s 5 Star Safety Rated gels, damaged nails can be nurtured into strong, healthy nails in just a few weeks

Repair Nail Tears

Got a broken or split nail? Don’t stress! With Bio Sculpture Gel, a little bit of silk and a lot of Bio Sculpture Gel magic transforms any break, tear or split into a beautiful, natural looking nail ready for any of the 180+ Bio Sculpture gel and polish colours.

Lengthen Short Nails

Ever wanted long, lushes nails? Bio Sculpture’s specially formulated extension gels easily transform short, and even bitten nails into strong, flexible and natural looking nails. Add some colour or nail art and you are set!

Strengthen Weak Nails

Bio Sculpture is specifically formulated to help improve nail strength. So, no matter if you have a soft, medium or strong nail type, Bio Sculpture’s Soft, Medium and Hard Gels can be used in a tailored, damage-free treatment just for you!


Correct the Nail Surface

Are your nails flat, scooped or corrugated? Bio Sculpture technicians have been specially trained to give your nails a beautifully shaped and smooth surface with every treatment, giving your nails a flawless look!

Nail Art

We Offer A Range Of Great Nail Art Products To Use With Our Nail Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is perfect for nail art!
Being one of the very few gels that can have nail art embedded and sealed into the gel, Bio Sculpture beautifully enhanced and protects nail art under a smooth finish. From snakeskin, to 3D Art, to feathers and nail studs, add some nail art flare and creativity to your next Bio Sculpture Gel treatment.