Treatment Pack

Vitamin Dose
Lavender Base
Cuticle Oil



Vitamin Dose: This product is a unique form of vitamins that are delivered to the nail bed cells for rejuvenation, moisturising, strengthening and nourishment. Apply product on the nail plate and the nail cells will open to receive the vitamins. Allow to be absorbed.

Lavender Base: Enriched with lavender essential oil to aid with moisturising and softening properties on dry, brittle and flaky nails. One coat may be applied under colour polish as a base coat or two coats may be used as a lovely soft colour. Lavender base is an ideal product to use to heal fungal and sore nails.

Cuticle Oil: This nail and cuticle oil is formulated with Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. This cuticle treatment is enhanced with Vitamin E to rehydrate the cuticle and the nail plate. Massaging this treatment into the nails on a regular basis will balance the oil/moisture level on the nail plate.